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Oct 18, 2019 @ TBD:00PM
Last session:2019-08-32 @ 21:00 hrs

What's the scoop?

If you are here is probably because you found an ad on the net, you replied to a post on Doublelist, Squirt or similar site, or perhaps you are curious about the domain when you received email ending in Am I on the right track? :-)

So let's try to give you some context and info:

This domain name was sourced specifically to organize discreet all-male, bareback parties.

Having a feral libido is common in guys, a single partner is rarely enough and let's face it, developing a roaster of trustable, dependable men as fuck buddies is a luxury very few have. I was one of those guys... happily attached and not looking for love but for lust; a good group of mean, moaning, grunting and pumping men to breed each other, and after dumping a simple friendly see you later handshake with the reassurance of minimal consequence or threat to life.

Over the course of the years I made sexual acquaintances with other lads that share my ideas, my sex interests and that like me, came from different walks of life with the same common denominator. The group grew one guy at a time and now we are several dozen men that now and then we get together to suck, fuck, breed, seed and sweat in the sack for a few hours.

This is the scoop of what this site and group is all about.

The actual get together

Venue changes now and then, but usually is at a private residence west of downtown Toronto, water front near Lake shore Blvd West and Park Lawn in Etobicoke.

In bold, italic and underlined so you cannot miss it:

Parties are always without use, consumption or tolerance for street drugs

This is a 100% PNP free environment.

Those interested in having a puff of grass or snorting some amyl are welcome to do so. Disobedience on this regard has caused a few to be asked to leave, escorted out and made themselves persona non-grata.

There is always a "welcoming" time window; door opens at a certain time and locks a reasonable time after. That means be on time and respect others time.

Protocol is to allow yourself in by opening the unlocked door, disrobe at the foyer and find a place in the common area for you to leave your clothes. Walk in the bedroom au naturel (in the nude).

You are now in for a ride... get on your knees, feed a hungry guy, seed one and take a deposit in you!

NOTE: Voyeurs, guys into wrapped sex, bisexual men wanting to play with women during the session or just into oral sex, this group is not for you. Interest of members is well defined: Bareback all male group sex.

The most important part: The Guys

Our group of fuck buddies is currently about 50 guys... but before you think this is a full roman bacchanal orgy when we hook up, let me reel you into reality :-)

Each session is usually kept to a maximum of 7~8 guys, more than that causes concerns about crowd control and we are very down low.

Members are:

  • Predominantly middle age men. Bracket is well populated in the mid 30s to late 40s age range. With a few younger guys and some slightly more mature gents.
  • Ethnicity is noticeably and dominantly caucasian; that is our common attraction one another. There are however a few bursts of flavour with a handful of latin and middle eastern men that have become very liked as part of the group.
  • Tops, versatile-top and versatile-bottoms conform some 90% of the group. This is the perfect golden ratio so everyone fucks and gets fucked. The positions for exclusive bottom men are well accounted for (and with a healthy waiting list) *wink*
  • Pick and choose from a variety of cut, uncut, thick, large, average, hairless or hairy cock.
  • Weight and height proportionate: slender, muscular, athletic, average and husky/burly body types.
  • Some are single men, others married playing on the side, others in open relationship, there is no judgment.

There is also an ever growing FAQs.

(Make and effort and visit it!)