M2M Soirées FAQ

For more info: www.arousing.men

Is there a cost to attend this party?

No. Zero, Zilch, Nada. This is a true fuck mates party. You will not be asked for any contribution, money or donation. It is expected tho that you will bring your own supplies: lube, poppers, weed, cock-ring, etc.

Sporadically we may all pitch in and order pizza to have a bite after sex when the munchies kick in… but that’s it.

Is there parking available?

Yes, the building has AMPLE visitors parking. All ground level is. Park literally anywhere you want on ground level. You do not need a parking pass nor register unless you are planning to be here past 2 AM, that is when overnight parking is enforced, if you do not have a parking pass, you will be ticketed.

I do not dive, How about public transit access?

TTC 501 Queen street car runs 24 hr to and from downtown at my doorstep, literally.

If you prefer to ride the GO train, nearest station is Mimico on the Lake shore West line, account for a 15 min walk.

You can alternatively take the subway to Old Mill on the green line and catch the 66B bus that will drop you off at Lake shore and Park Lawn.

Check www.ttc.ca and www.gotransit.com for up to date info and travel planning.

Is the arrival window flexible? Can I show up after door locks?

Short answer: no. Unless you are a recurrent fuck buddy and we have agreed in advance for late arrival, door locks as planned. It is a matter of respect and common courtesy to other fuckers and to the host. Late arrivals means interruption of flow of things happening.

How long sex last? Do I have to stay until it ends?

Parties start on time and there is usually a 45 min to an hour welcoming window. After that door locks and those in, are … well… in 😈

Session usually lasts until the last man standing dumps; sometimes it can be a couple hours although there are well recorded events that have gone for up to 4 hours.

You are not expected to stay from start to finish although most guys choose to do so. If you happen to need a break or you dumped your load early, you are welcome to stay to catch your breath and recharge to charge against another hole. If you prefer to leave, discreetly exit the bedroom and get dressed in the common areas to no disrupt the flow of things. Show yourself out.

May I clean up and prep there if I arrive early?

Because of the nature of the session this is counter productive. Prep and douche in the privacy of your own place before coming to play. A douche is attached to the shower in the washroom for “touch ups” and emergencies only. If you prefer to use your own douche tip/head in case of an unexpected necessity to freshen yourself up here, feel free to bring it.

Can I bring a fuck buddy/boyfriend/FWB/trick along?

Yes you can, provided that he is a MALE, versatile, into bareback sex, non drug user and are committed to partake; that means no to voyeurs, fluffers or bators.

Remember that you are effectively vouching for him to be welcomed, his behaviour will reflect on you.

If you are considering in bringing someone PLEASE inform promptly of the fact; it is crucial to have accurate head count.

How many are coming?

Varies. Usually the magic number is no less than 4 no more than 9. Less than four is just a mellow threesome more than 9 causes concern for crowd control. General invites and responses are curated to allow for no more than 15 "strongly likely to come" guys allowing room for a few last minute cancelations and odd “plus ones". When all said is done 4 to 9 are to be expected.

This is my first group session, I am nervous, what is the protocol? do I have to get fucked do I have to fuck ass?

Having group sex is invigorating if you can get pass the initial uneasy part. Short of this is: you are here to enjoy your sexuality. You are not expected to like everyone, nor should you expect that everyone will be going bonkers to get some with you.

Protocol is very reasonable, arrive on time, disrobe before walking into the bedroom and let things flow. Jump in and partake or take it slowly and watch for a bit before you feel someone reaching out to you to include you.

In those cases when/where there is no chemistry non verbal communication is key, if you approach someone and that someone shows no interest back, disengage and move to the next cock or find another hole to eat/fuck no one will be/get offended.

Same is true if you are not into someone, lock in eye contact and gently say thank you while you engage someone else.

At all times you remain in control of what and how much you want to engage on, that will always be respected.

No means no… and yes… well moan yes so the guys know you are in ecstasy.

Parties are drug (pnp-free), am I allowed to snort poppers and/or smoke grass?

Yes. Parties are 100% pnp-free. It is expected all invitees to arrive sober, remain sober and leave sober. No heavy or street drugs are to be consumed before arrival or while in premises.


It is not judgment, is a choice and prerogative of the group.

You can however be more than welcome to bring your poppers, cannabis edibles, or weed to smoke. Nothing more.

You may want to consider be part of the “early” gang if you wanna puff some weed or have a bit of edibles before the session.

What am I expected to bring?

Your own supplies: Lube, toys, cock-ring, jockstrap, poppers and weed as needed.

You are welcome to take a rinse before heading home to wash off the cum stains and the testosterone stench. For that pack your gym bag with your own towel and toiletries.

There is some non-alcoholic beverages (lemonade, iced tea, etc) and tap water to keep you hydrated.

From time to time, people that enjoy a drink while playing have brought their own beer, coolers, cocktails; you are welcome to do so as long as it is in unopened, non tampered, commercial container (call it pnp paranoia).

If I was asked for a picture to join in, do I get to see other’s pictures?

This require an elaborated answer, but it boils down the following:

You will get to see pictures of the same nature as the one you shared.

If you sent just nudes, you will get to see non-identifiable pictures of others. You sent face pictures, you get to see face pictures.

Furthermore, all pictures are overzealously protected respecting your privacy like this:

All pics are kept in Google drive under password protection, both nudes and face. This means easiest way to access them is with your own gmail account credentials (email/password).

For those that do NOT use a gmail account extra steps are necessary to gain access to pictures. You can choose to follow them if you want to check out others.

Under no circumstances pictures will be attached and emailed for you to see regardless if you shared yours or not

After the event all access credentials get revoked and all pictures deleted.

What if I still have questions?

You can email directly party.of@arousing.men and ask for clarification. There is also a makeshift webpage with a bit more of info you can visit: www.arousing.men